My creative and inquisitive mind has led me to pursue a BFA Degree in Fabric Design at the University of Georgia.


My desire to study art and design, which began during my senior year of high school, led me to create and submit a design portfolio to the AP Studio 3D board. My admissions portfolio concentrated on the creation of obscure necklace pieces using non-traditional materials. My hope with these designs and creations is that they will inspire the creation of everyday fashion trends. 


Iris van Herpen became my first source of inspiration when I discovered her love of bold designs and intricate details coupled within the framework of 3D printing technology. Once in college, I became interested in travel and began drawing inspiration from building architecture, interior design, and local culture of the places I visited. This past May I studied abroad in Florence, Italy where our final project was to design an inspired knitwear piece. I took advantage of my beautiful, temporary home and harnessed inspiration from the local Renaissance and Gothic Architecture.


I am drawn to the idea that one medium of art or design can inspire another.


When I look at a chair, for example, I don’t see just a place for someone to sit. I see shapes, color, and texture that can inspire other areas of design.

Art is my outlet, no matter the process or medium. I believe it is important to understand different areas of art in order to find your niche while appreciating others’ work. So far I have experimented with painting, drawing, weaving, screen printing, printmaking, sculpture, and knitting.

I hope to enter the fashion industry as a textile designer or fashion designer, with the ability to utilize all areas of design. The true beauty of textiles lies within their versatility. Though textiles are generally associated with clothing and interiors, they can also be elevated to contribute to and enhance visual displays. Some of the most intriguing  and thought-provoking visual displays utilize textiles to create a  balance or to pique a particular interest.


Please take a tour of some of my favorite pieces!  


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